Strawberries Going Bad?

It’s only been a week, and the strawberries are getting gushy and bad!! No worries. Wash them, take off their tips, and finally ziplock them to go into eternal freeze mode in the freezer!!  image

Next time you want to make strawberry smoothie or milkshake; the strawberries are right inside the freezer. I recommend using the strawberries within the next month. This process can be done with most fruits and berries!! Saves you time and $$$!! Enjoy!

Dessert: Rabri

Rabri or Rabdi, is a sweet milk dessert most famous in Uttar Pradesh in India or Nepalgunj in Nepal. This dessert is mostly made during festivity and/or celebrations. It is one of my favorite desserts, and thankfully it is very simple to make. It has the right amount of sweetness and creamy texture that just melts in your mouth. Adding nuts to Rabri brings out even more of the taste. I usually don’t use nuts, because of allergies.

Ingredients: rabri

6 cups of milk

3 tablespoon of sugar

8-10 pieces of cardamom

Preparation time: 1.5 hours

Serves: 4 people

Step 1: Shell and grind the cardamom then put them aside till the end.

Step 2: In low heat, pour all the milk into a large pot. Stir for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Watch carefully, as you do not want the milk to boil out of the pot. Turn the heat to medium. Carefully separate the top layer of the milk and put it aside, either on the same pot or onto a different bowl.

Step 4: The milk should decrease to ¼ of its amount. At this point, add the cardamom and 3 teaspoon of sugar into the boiling milk. Mix them carefully. Do not try to break the layers too much.

Step 5: Pour it all into a bowl. Let it cool off in room temperature for about 30 minutes, then refrigerate for an hour.

Step 6: If desired, add cashews or pistachios to garnish the dish. Serve and enjoy!

Please do check out a quick picture video on making Rabri!!



Bryce Canyon and Zion Mountain Summer Camping Trip

Our 2016 summer camping excursion is finally posted! Please do check out our Bryce Canyon and Zion Mountain Camping Trip.

Day 1: Drove directly to KOA Cannonville Campground. We arrived around 3 P.M. We setup our tent and relaxed.

Day 2: We woke up early in the morning to hike Bryce. Just breathe taking. The Hoodoos were just amazing. All day at the event!

Day 3: We went to Zion Mountain National Park. There are so many trails. If you don’t want to drive, they have a very well organized bus system that takes you close enough to the trails. Sadly, Sky got sick, and we had to return back to our campsite.

Day 4: This was just a tease for us. We have to come back here. I just fell in love with Bryce and didn’t get to hike enough trails. We packed our tent and headed back home to Colorado. We took the most scenic and beautiful drive ever!! We stopped by and hiked some smaller trails on our way home. We also found a hidden coffee shop (Kiva). They built the coffee shop and one bedroom hotel literally on the side of a cliff. Amazing.

**We kind of rushed and will have to return again (someday). Sadly, because of time, weather, and everything else, we were not able to do as many hikes as expected. So, I recommend spending at least couple days per area.

We went camping in the middle of Summer (July). It was crazy hot!! I think September or early fall would have been a better time. The summer heat and heat from the sun hitting the rocks made it unbearably hot by the end of the day. We started the camping trip on a weekday and it wasn’t that busy. As weekend neared, more campers started coming. I prefer a more spacious and less crowded campground, so it worked out well for us. The campground even has small hiking trails. We actually made time to hang out at the pool, which a nice plus! I cannot find one bad thing about this KOA Campground. It was about 20 minutes away from Bryce Canyon and 45 minutes from Zion Mountain. This was our first KOA experience, and well worth it!

This KOA campsite even provided pancake breakfast on Saturday mornings. If you forgot anything, they have a small shop with almost everything you needed, even potatoes and onion. I really liked the community kitchen available for free to use for everyone. The bathroom was exceptionally clean and shower was separate, which was nice. They even had few washer and dryer! It was a perfect family friendly RV, Camper, Cabin, and tent campground. We had a pretty open and large campsite. I don’t know if all tent sites are that large. It was great for us, as we had amazing mountain views. We also had water and electric on site. Price differs accordingly.

Every night was a clear night. We saw so many shooting stars. It was just beautiful. It does get cold in the evening and early morning, which is expected. Besides that, we really enjoyed the trip. It is always nice to take time off and be away from our man-made lifestyle. I think we all need this type of break from our busy lives. Seeing these natural beauty makes me realize how small we really are, and how easily we can take our lives for granted. It is even more special, because my son, who is only three, is the one reminding us of “that time” and asking us when our next camping trip will be. It is that enthusiasm and excitement that makes me more eager to share and enjoy nature with him. All in all, this camping trip has been the most “Awwing”, most amazing, and most scenic yet.

TENT SITES: They have electric/water, just electric or tent site only (no hookups). You will have to call them to get the rates. As a KOA Member you do get 10% off each night at all or most KOA campsites. I think it’s a great deal.

**Also, it seems that their online reservation is not up-to-date with the current availabilities. So it is a better option to just call them.                  


215 N. Red Rock Dr., Cannonville, UT 84718

Open March 15 – October 30

Reserve: 888-562-4710    Info: 435-679-8988


Hwy 12, Milemarker 73.86, Escalante, UT 84726

Phone: 435-826-4550

Hours: April- October from 8:30-4:30 Daily (Closed on Tuesdays)