Dessert: Rabri

Rabri or Rabdi, is a sweet milk dessert most famous in Uttar Pradesh in India or Nepalgunj in Nepal. This dessert is mostly made during festivity and/or celebrations. It is one of my favorite desserts, and thankfully it is very simple to make. It has the right amount of sweetness and creamy texture that just melts in your mouth. Adding nuts to Rabri brings out even more of the taste. I usually don’t use nuts, because of allergies.

Ingredients: rabri

6 cups of milk

3 tablespoon of sugar

8-10 pieces of cardamom

Preparation time: 1.5 hours

Serves: 4 people

Step 1: Shell and grind the cardamom then put them aside till the end.

Step 2: In low heat, pour all the milk into a large pot. Stir for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Watch carefully, as you do not want the milk to boil out of the pot. Turn the heat to medium. Carefully separate the top layer of the milk and put it aside, either on the same pot or onto a different bowl.

Step 4: The milk should decrease to ¼ of its amount. At this point, add the cardamom and 3 teaspoon of sugar into the boiling milk. Mix them carefully. Do not try to break the layers too much.

Step 5: Pour it all into a bowl. Let it cool off in room temperature for about 30 minutes, then refrigerate for an hour.

Step 6: If desired, add cashews or pistachios to garnish the dish. Serve and enjoy!

Please do check out a quick picture video on making Rabri!!



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