Weekend Excursion: SLC

We decided to take a short weekend trip to Salt Lake City area. It was totally worth the escape. Utah is always fun whether it be Summer or Winter!

We visited Bonneville Salt Flats first. After visit Death Valley Salt Flats, we wanted to visit Bonneville. Both places are unique and amazing in their own ways. The Salt Flat seems like it is never-ending desert! When the weather is perfect, race car enthusiasts can literally spend the whole day there, like my hubby! When we were there, the temperature was around 65 degree Fahrenheit. Perfect! So, I do recommend visiting during Spring time.

Next, we went to Antelope Island State Park. I can’t wait to come back and camp there during the Summer. It’s excluded, beautiful and so calm. It was amazing to see the bison and other animals roaming around. There were so many hikes and long drives to take. The campsite are large and spacious. FYI. I really liked campsite number 2. It was raining when we were there, so we only did a short hike and drove around. But, I am already getting excited to come back and camp during the Summer!

Finally, an amazing end to the trip. We visited Homestead Geothermal Crater Pool. It is smaller than what I expected, but totally worth a visit. You can swim or snorkel for 40 or scuba dive for a hour. The price is so reasonable too. It’s part of a hotel, we didn’t stay there, but it looked beautiful! Sky had so much fun. Kid approved!! With Covid, they do have few restrictions, so make reservations early enough. When I called, they were booked for the month. But, the day of I called to check if there were any cancellations. Thankfully, there was and we got to enjoy the crater pool! Totally worth the visit!

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Created by: GoPro
Music: Energy by Morille