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Taking advantage of living in the Southern States means gardening is okay in winter. Harvesting your own produce means having fresh vegetables and herbs right in your
backyard, without worrying about what pesticides was used on it or how it was
transported, saving you money and time. Seriously.

img_5684You can use seeds or replant the vegetable or herbs that you can buy from a nursery. It’s really up to you. I am a beginner in gardening; so seeding is something I will wait till my mom visits us. I usually just use rosemary, thyme, cilantro and mint in my dishes, so I repotted those herbs. My husband loves spicy peppers, so I made a separate pot of chili peppers for him. I think it will take the peppers few more months before we can taste it. The herbs will be ready to use in just a week. I just need to make the roots feel “at home.” It will take little maintenance and I can clip off the leaves as needed. Wonderfulness growing in my patio!! This is exciting!

Please do check out my short video of my son and I potting!






*Chili peppers

Average Costs:

Herbs: $25

Pots: $14

Miracle Grow  soil: $8

Total Cost: $47 (one time cost)= long term saving and time!!

Strawberries Going Bad?

It’s only been a week, and the strawberries are getting gushy and bad!! No worries. Wash them, take off their tips, and finally ziplock them to go into eternal freeze mode in the freezer!!  image

Next time you want to make strawberry smoothie or milkshake; the strawberries are right inside the freezer. I recommend using the strawberries within the next month. This process can be done with most fruits and berries!! Saves you time and $$$!! Enjoy!

First Day of School!

I am sure, actually, I am positive that the first, first day of school of your child is more exciting for the parent than the child. Seriously, I am not exaggerating; well it img_4496was for me. Today marked the officially first day of school for my son, even if it’s just pre-school. He was very eager to wake up, brush teeth, wear new clothes, eat and just get to school. Strangely, waking up early felt normal. I am sure it will be just TODAY. As it was totally worth it! I could see in my sons’ eyes the eagerness to get to school and feel special that he is old enough to go to a place and learn. I felt so proud of him. 

As you may all know, we have recently moved to a different State. So, we have a lot of cardboard and wood boxes, storage bins, and just stuff around the house. Instead of throwing it out, I thought I’d make a chalkboard out of the wood box. The the thing to make “first day of school” sign!

Step 1: Using your power tools or saw, cut the wood to the size useful to your needs. I made a square size and a picture frame style.     img_4410    

Step 2: If needed, sand the wood board, so that the paint will go on more efficiently. 

Step 3: Paint the wood board with chalk paint. Let it dry for at least a hour before doing a second coat of the chalk paint.      

    Step 4: Once dry, the chalkboard is ready. Write your messages!! Erase, reuse, have fun! **Recommendation: Do not use permanent pens or marker, unless you want it to be permanent. Use chalk markers, so that you can erase and use the board. 

 img_4414 img_4413    img_4409